Hello Again, Dear Readers:

Monad Books is pleased to announce the publication of our newest book. While our previous publications have revolved around Hollywood and the entertainment business, we are now expanding our horizons to include a romantic memoir set in Orange County, which is just south of Los Angeles yet a world away. Love and the B-2 Stealth Bomber is by Kendall Noxsel, a former aero-engineer for Northrop. Set during the heyday of the Ronald Reagan era, his memoir is heartfelt, brutally honest and deeply perceptive of both the flow and ebb of a failed romantic relationship as well as the political repercussions of that specific period of American history, a time with surprising resonance to today’s politically charged world. We are extremely proud to present this first time author and look forward to your reaction to his moving and memorable memoir.  We feel assured that you will become a fan.  

Still available is Jean-Pierre Dorleac’s rollicking memoir, The Naked Truth, a delightful romp through this Hollywood legend’s extraordinary costume design career in both film and television. Liz Smith in the N. Y. Daily Post called it “a must read.”

In other news, we are saddened by the loss last year of one of our authors, Diana Douglas, who passed away on July 3, 2015. Her revised memoir, In the Wings and Beyond, traces her eventful and successful life before and after her long time marriage to Kirk Douglas. Diana was gracious, optimistic and much loved by all who had the great fortune of knowing her.  We miss her dearly.

As far as we know, we are still the only publishing company that grew out of a book-reading club. And our pledge to our readers remains the same as from the beginning. We promise each of our books is a “damn good read”.   

Happy Reading!

Charles Reeb